Throw Back Thursday

February 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Throw Back Thursday!

Wow! It's amazing to see how far I have come!! The top image was my very first newborn!! I still love this image very much, it was me stepping out of my regular life and taking on something new. Kaylee is the daughter of my friend Alisha. When I first signed up for my photography diploma course I asked Alisha if she would let me do her maternity and newborn photos for her as a gift. she said yes and was actually pretty excited. I had almost no props (my husband made me this wooden bed), no backdrops and no baby poser. This was actually done in the living room of the town house I lived in at the time. Kaylee was a month old but a very well behaved baby. Her momma and so many other people loved and still love this photo! I was so happy to be able to do it for them, and I must say I had very little Photoshop knowledge at the time so editing took me a million years haha!

The bottom image is tiny little Bryar. Its the same bed but as you can tell I have much more at my disposal. The first image was still done very safely with mom very close by but i did kind of just lay her down and let her do her thing. No attempt to get her to sleep. With Bryar I knew a lot more and I took the time to pose her and get her feet and hands exactly how I wanted! There is also a difference in the lighting and editing as there has been lots learned between those two shoots. I love both these images and without Alisha letting me practice on her little princess I would not be where I am in my photography today.

Everyone has to start somewhere! I'm very lucky to have supportive people around me and be able to do what I love. 


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