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May 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

When Bentley first came to see me he was pretty shy. In fact he didn't even want me looking at him. He sat nicely and got some pics with his big brother! During his regular one year photos I gave him a few treats and slowly won him over..not quite smiles, but no tears either! He sat there content and ate his puffs!

Then I brought the cake out and everything changed. nothing else mattered and he devoured that cake. While making sure next to non got on the floor! His mom, dad and I couldn't stop laughing. Everytime he dropped a piece he would pick it up and eat that piece before returning to the cake. No wasting for this boy and he made sure of that. It was a pretty clean cake smash he was the only thing dirty!

When bath time came Bentley was upset at first that the cake was gone but that didn't last long. Bath time was the only time he gave me a real smile! He loved that water. It was a nice finish to a fun day!

Cake SmashCake Smash

I cant wait to see Bentley and his family again :)


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